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Meditation Technique

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Body, Mind, Spirit Integrator - Meditation Technique Day Three

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More SpiralsThe spirals are becoming simpler to trace. One major revelation I made to fit with myself today was tuning into Universal Mind and also the divine healing energy of my focused path of attention. I stumbled upon that when I started to tune directly into divine, my attention grew turned out to become more concentrated.
The white ball of energy became very healing, nurturing and gentle while it traveled along its path through my head and core. I entered inside space of producing more trust and ease like i became aware that something larger here was happening. I ended caring with working so faithfully and allowed myself the knowledge of romance, light, energy, healing as well as the divine.
 I let myself sink further and further on the subconscious body but I also allowed my bright, white ball of incorporation of do its work. That is effective just happened to be of the healing and nurturing nature that appear to echo the divine. That's the only way You can really describe what actually transpired today.Pinpointing the Corpus CollosumSo far inside my practice I have made one major adjustment into the path of attention as outlined by my teacher.
 Throughout handbook she outlines dropping the attention coming from the midbrain down throughout the mouth and into the following major point - the neck. In my practice I actually have inserted one step. I even have begun to move the attention out of your periphery of either side of the midbrain to your very inner core of your brain. Inside this the main brain you will see the thalamus, the anterior pituitary gland, and also the corpus callosum. The corpus callosum is usually a large bundle of nerve fibers that connect them brain hemispheres.
Upon further examination this can be most likely the realm where my attention has gone. As though i said a moment ago I even have found and focused my attention on the most central point throughout brain I can go. I even have found this point by placing attention along at the center point in case i were to draw a straight line through my head from front to back, through the region of my third eye and out the back and placing the interest at the mid-point along that dissection line.
 I employ the same technique going from left to right, and north and south. With each dissection I put the attention for the mid-point of each line, where all 3 lines meet is the central core of mind. This central core must be somewhere within the nerve fibers of your corpus callosum, and must be involved with the service anterior pituitary gland. But, right now, I'm just not really sure.Sinking In and Sinking Down in Levels Another technique for tracking the Integrator, as outlined within the handbook, came down to me as I sunk the attention into my neck.
 Like i began to trace the spirals of attention as involved with sensations, I started to put my hand on your tasks related to my neck exactly where the path was heading. Like i spiraled from the center of the neck to the back, left, front, and right I discovered that using my hand helped to focus my attention. As I began visiting the right I have found the spirals began to have greater action and energy and commenced to spiral on their own volition, from their unique momentum.
I experienced that by placing my hand on my neck it was easier most likely for me to connect to the sensations of a typical spirals traveling through and out my neck and into my hand, and even to simply beyond my hand. I additionally found more sensitivity towards the spirals going in the reverse direction, especially at the threshold of going from my hand and back into the skin and outer surface stages of my neck.
The deeper on the center of the neck that my spirals traveled, the more consistently difficult it was to trace the road of the spirals and thereby maintain in touch with the subconscious body. It was an enchanting moment in the practice while i experienced the threshold between my hand and neck clearer and definitively. The regularity definitely changed. How? Maybe lower and even more Yin in the overall aesthetic as it went inside. More concentrated while it went inside and a lot more expansive

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