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Meditation Technique

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Easy Meditation Techniques - The Kundalini Meditation

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This easy meditation technique, the Kundalini Meditation, is pretty simple plus and it happens to be loved by everyone this is because does not require anything of us that many of us unaware how to do already, except... the stage that it really is to practise the primary aspect of meditation, meeting the 'watcher' in us.
But these particular techniques of Osho, by using the body to reach of point of having the ability to view our thought, the ideas - or lack of thoughts - work to first un-freeze our energy blockages (the previous in us, since they are the results of past traumas or fear) in order to remain.Kundalini is a one-hour process in 4 equal parts, using appropriate music recorded for the particular method.

Appreciate it, it's great!

The first part is letting the human body shake, you might need to start it voluntarily initially. This process is usually to melt our body armour. You don't want to make big jerking movements, a tageted small shaking which you allow to start inside the legs then rise and spread throughout the entire body right up to the peak of a typical head and the fingertips. Let the hips shake, the shoulders shake!The moment part is dance, just let dance happen, let the body express its own dance, don't look into other people if some have around (but simply enough for to not bump into them. After a while you learn this instinctively).

The third part is to sit still (or remain standing still) just feel the body and view the mind. Feeling your system becomes a delight as it's further and further devoid of tension, along with the sensations can be of pure pleasure.

The fourth part is lying down completely still and again watch!

The easy meditation technique that is the Kundalini Meditation is an additional great stress reduction activity, a stress-relief technique, physically, emotionally and mentally, after a day's get a job with example.
Practising it in the dark allows our energy to be refreshed and renew itself inside of a delightful and silent way.

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